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I’d like to go back to yesterday,
if only for awhile
Then we could reminisce and laugh,
the thought just makes me smile.

We’d talk about good times we had
so many years ago.
Bring out the photos that we took
of friends that we both know.

We’d share some coffee or some tea
while thinking of the past.
Those memories will never fade,
a lifetime they will last.

Then we’ll talk about us now,
the things we like to do.
All about our families
and all that we’ve been through.

I’ll share with you my struggles too,
for they’re a part of life.
And how I’ve learned to trust in God
during my times of strife.

Life is not easy, that’s for sure,
but faithful God has been.
No matter what I face each day,
on Him I always lean.

He is my strength when I am weak,
He is my saving grace.
And I am so excited cause
someday I’ll see his face.

There’s so much I would tell you,
like how I missed you friend.
And how I’m just so thankful
 the quietness did end.

I keep our memories in my heart,
I cherish everyone.
And I’ll thank God forever,
for giving me someone.

Someone who I can chat with
though we’re miles apart.
A friend who will always have
a special place in my heart.

I’d like to go back to yesterday
then I could see your smile.
I’d like to go back to yesterday
if only for awhile.

Nancy Burr
December 9, 2008




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